Sunday, February 07, 2010

Tamil Padam

Saw "Tamil Padam" today. Outstandingly hilarious. I believe it would become a cult movie. Don't miss this to watch in theater. I can't believe that I shouted and cheered in the theater. Kids over the age of 12 will definitely like it. I would recommend to anyone who have watched a lot of Tamil movies before.

In the theater, an old man who is in seventies was sitting next me. He was there with his family. He queried me a lot asking things like, Did I ever see this movie before? and What is the story?. I understood that he didn't enjoy the movie and couldn't quite get hold of things that is going on in the screen. I realized his family has brought him thinking that this is another comedy movie. Poor old man. I told him that this is simply a spoof movie and I came here after hearing about it.

Ten minutes later, I saw him sleeping and he continued till the end. That is the best thing he has done.

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