Friday, November 20, 2009

Paa – Music Review

Overall verdict. Fantastic. I am not expert in analysis. Let me comprehend what I feel in simple words. This is not a music album. This is a Original Sound Track (OST). So approach it from that perspective.

  1. Mudi Mudi - Already this song has become famous everywhere. Superb composition. Actually there are three variations of this song are available in this album. Watch out for the male version sung by Shaan. Simply amazing orchestration. Shaan’s version is already in my loop. தல சும்மா பின்னி பெடலெடுத்துட்டாரு.
  2. Gumm Summ Gumm - Sung by kids, a rehash of (from Olangal a Malayalam movie). Kids have sung well. Excellent musical score. Already so many people started liking it. Could be a potential hit after the movie' release.
  3. Halke se bole - A rehash of putham pudhu kaalai(An old Tamil song of him). A short song. Nice to hear it in chorus version.
  4. Mere Paa. Interesting piece sung by Amitab. Purely situational song. Will definitely evoke the viewers emotion in theatre. Such is the effect. The theme music is coming along this piece.
  5. For the front benchers' request Vicky Goswami has remixed the film's theme music. Fantastic piece.

The only track which I am not impressed personally is "Hichki..Hichki". May be I will like it when I see it in the theatre.

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